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Introduction to Tunnel Construction (Applied Geotechnics) by David Chapman, Nicole Metje and Alfred Stärk

  • Introduction to tunnel construction [electronic resource] /​ David N. Chapman, Nicole Metje, and Alfred Stärk.
Also Titled
  • Ebook library collection.
  • Chapman, David N.
Other Authors
  • Metje, Nicole.
  • Stärk, Alfred.
  • London ; New York : Spon Press, 2010.
  • Applied geotechnics.
  • Tunneling.
  • Tunnels -- Design and construction.
  • Site investigation
  • Preliminary analysis for the tunnel
  • Ground improvement techniques and lining systems
  • Tunnel construction techniques
  • Health and safety, and risk management in tunnelling
  • Ground movements and monitoring
  • Case studies: Eggetunnel Germany + London Heathrow T5 UK: consruction of the Piccadilly + Lainzer Tunnel LT31 Vienna Austria
  • Further information on rock mass classification
  • Nanlytical calculation of a sprayed concrete lining using the continuum method.
  • Includes bibliographical references (p. 368-384) and index.
  • Original version xxvi, 390 p. : ill.
Technical Details
  • System requirements for PC users: Internet Explorer 5.5 and above, Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0.2 and above. For Mac users: Safari 1.2 and above, Acrobat Reader 7.0 and above.
  • English
  • 9780203895153 (electronic bk.)
  • 0203895150 (electronic bk.)
  • 9780415468411 (print)


Matière sombre et énergie noire Mystères de l'Univers Alain Bouquet, Emmanuel Monnier

Matière sombre eténergie noire

Mystères de l'Univers

Alain Bouquet, Emmanuel Monnier

Collection: Quai des Sciences, Dunod

2008 - 2ème édition - 240 pages - 155x240 mm

EAN13 : 9782100506583
La théorie du Big Bang semble tout expliquer du passé de l'Univers et de son futur. Mais il reste de nombreuses énigmes à résoudre. L'une d'entre elles tient en haleine les astronomes depuis près de 70 ans : tous les calculs le montrent, plus de 90 % de l'Univers reste invisible ! Mais quelle est cette matière invisible qui n'émet ni n'absorbe de lumière ? Alain Bouquet et Emmanuel Monnier retracent l'incroyable aventure intellectuelle de cette énigme et plonge le lecteur dans un véritable récit à «rebondissements scientifiques» où s'invite un nouveau personnage : la mystèrieuse énergie noire. Cette nouvelle édition intègre les derniers développement en cosmologie (hypothèse Mond, hypothèse des particules ultra-lourdes...). Des portraits de grands chercheurs ont aussi été ajoutés qui montrent que la science est d'abord le fait d'aventures humaines parfois tragiques, parfois comiques, mais toujours surprenantes.

Introduction. Histoire d'une controverse. Un destin en clair-obscur. La matière sombre, supplantée par l'énergie noire. Premier bilan. MACHOs, pseudo-étoiles, trous noirs et autres bizarreries du cosmos. Sur la piste des autres Terres. La matière ordinaire ne fera pas le poids. Le neutrino, candidat malchanceux. A la recherche d'une forme nouvelle de matière. Conclusion.
Biographie des auteurs

Alain Bouquet - Physicien Cosmologiste, directeur de recherche au CNRS 

(laboratoire APC/université Paris 7), traducteur, avec Évelyne Bouquet, du 

Doigt de Galilée de Peter W. Atkins (Dunod, 2004) et de Plus vite que la 

lumière de João Magueijo (Dunod, 2003).

Emmanuel Monnier - Journaliste scientifique


Tous publics

Astronomie, Cosmologie, Physique, Univers, Culture scientifique


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أجهزة الكشف عن الذهب والمعادن الدفينة







micromine v11.0.0.7

Earth's core 1.1


Schlumberger Drilling 10 cd's

لكل الدارسين فى مجال البترول تدريب رائع بالفيديو من شركة شلمبرجير كأنك فى 

الحقل المجموعة مكونة من عشر أسطوانات بستة لغات.

السى دى رقم(1,3,4,5) كاملين بالست لغات والباقى باللغتين العربية والانجليزية.

With highly interactive show with visual and vocal effects 

illustrating drilling &other topics related to oil production. the cd's 

are explained in 6 languages







وده شرح بسيط بالصور للتشغيل:

CD1 : An Introduction to Rig Types and Basic Drill String 


 size :297 mb


Part 1

CD2 : BOP Equipments

ممكن يظهر لك الصورة دى عند بداية التشغيل اضغط cancel والاسطوانة هتشتغل تمام 

صوت وصورة بدون أى مشاكل
size :125 mb

CD3 : Drilling Fluids and Mud Test

size :190 mb

CD4 : Mud Circulation and Treating Equipments

size :317 mb

 CD5 : Hoisting Equipments

size :252 mb

CD6 : Rotating Equipments & Mast and Substructure 

size :123 mb

CD7 : Pipe Handling

size :163 mb

CD8 : Casing and Cementing

size : 89 mb

CD9 : Well logging,Mud logging and Drill Stem Test

size :89 mb

CD10 : Power System and Instrumentation

size :143 mb

ArcGis Tutorials

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Schlumberger AquaChem v2011.1.40

  • AquaChem is a groundwater software package specifically tailored for anyone working with water data. This software is ideally suited for water projects requiring management, analysis, and reporting of groundwater water quality data.
  • Featuring a fully customizable database of physical and chemical parameters and a comprehensive selection of analysis, calculation, modeling, and graphing tools, AquaChem is a truly unique groundwater software package.
  • AquaChem’s analysis tools cover a wide range of functions and calculations used for analyzing, interpreting and comparing water quality data. These tools include simple unit transformations, charge balances, statistics and sample mixing to more complex functions such as correlation matrices and geothermometer calculations.
  • These powerful analytical capabilities are complemented by a comprehensive selection of commonly used plotting techniques to represent the chemical characteristics of aqueous geochemical and water quality data.
  • The Mann-Kendall test is a trend estimator that can be used to prove if contaminant concentrations are significantly diminishing or rising over time. The version of the Mann-Kendall Test used in AquaChem can be applied for virtually any groundwater parameter, and is a critical tool for long-term monitoring optimization and reporting.
How Install Schlumberger AquaChem v2011.1.40

1- Setup program.

2. Copy "rlm.dll" to C:\Program Files\AquaChem   "for (32bit) 

              OR to C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaChem "for (64bit) system".

3. Open program and press on "Active Now" then select location of 


Size: 49 MB


Schlumberger AquiferTest Pro 2011.1 v4.4

The company Schlumberger Water Services, which develops 

software systems for management and operation of water resources 

released to light a new version of AquiferTest Pro v2011.1

AquiferTest - advanced solution for designers and engineers who 

need to run the graphical construction and the results of drilled.

 With it you can calculate the characteristics and properties of 

water, and examine the horizons of the layers.

Features of the program:

  • Standard pumping test solutions.
  • Pumping test recovery analyses.
  • Standard slug test solutions.
  • Fully or partially penetrating wells.
  • Single or multiple pumping wells.
  • Constant or variable pumping rates.
  • Aquifer bounded by barrier or recharge boundary.
  • Isotropic or anisotropic aquifer.
  • Well effects (well bore storage).
  • Fracture flow solution (Moench, Warren-Root).
  • Well performance solutions (Specific Capacity, Hantush-Biershenk).
  • Plotting wells on a site map.
  • And much more!

How Install Schlumberger AquiferTest Pro 2011.1 v4.4
1- Setup program.

2. Copy "rlm.dll" to C:\Program Files\AquiferTest  "for (32bit) 


               or to C:\Program Files (x86)\AquiferTest "for (64bit) system".

3. Open program and press on "Active Now" then select location of 


Size: 30 MB


Schlumberger Techlog 2011.2.1 revision 94585 (32bit & 64bit) Multilanguage

  • The Techlog software platform delivers an industry leading wellbore software platform that provides petrophysicists, geoscientists and engineers with a fully integrated, interactive, easy to use analysis tool for interpretation of all wellbore data types (e.g. core, logs, images, photos…). Using Techlog software, these different disciplines can collaborate effectively by accessing and incorporating the same data into the workflows; thus fully capitalizing on previous data investments.
  • The 2011.2 release of the Techlog platform represents continued development efforts to extend the depth and breadth of the wellbore software solution offered by Schlumberger, while maintaining particular focus on the end-user experience. The complete refresh of the user interface in the 2011.2 release of the software introduced new icons making it even more intuitive and easy to use. In the 2011.2 release, we have built further upon this and the powerful customization capabilities, to deliver further advancements in visualization and plotting capabilities.
  • All of the new functionalities and enhancements are described in more details in these release notes; however, several area of particular interest is the introduction of two new modules. First, to further our geomechanics offering and to complement the Pore Pressure Prediction module introduced in the 2011.1 release, we are introducing the Wellbore Stability module (WBS). It is designed to support safe drilling operations by allowing the computation of the stable mud weight window and prediction of failure based upon several different model definitions. Secondly, we are introducing the Acoustics module which will allow superior quality control and interpretation of sonic data and incorporates innovative dispersion analysis techniques.
  • Other significant updates include the addition of a processing wizard in the Wellbore Imaging module (Wbi); increased automation, quality control tools and calculations in the Formation Pressure module (FPress) and inclusion of more Environment Correction algorithms.

Techlog 2011.2.1 is a bug fix version:

  • Time expiration notice: removal of the time limit on the application executable file.
  • Baker Hugues Environmental Corrections: computation engine was not previously launched successfully.
  • Quanti.Elan PostProcessing python script: python script has errors that affects RHGA and KINT computation.
  • Spanish translation: supplementary.

How Install Techlog 2011.2.1 revision 94585 (32bit)

1- Copy (TLicense.dll and Techlog_2011.2.1) in patch folder

 to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Schlumberger\Techlog 2011.2.1 

(r94585)\bin" folder" folder.

2- Run the program and select the location of the license 

file as shown in this Image.

Size: 323 MB




Part 2

How Install Techlog 2011.2.1 revision 94585 (64bit)

1- Copy (TLicense64.dll and Techlog_2011.2.1) in patch

 folder to "C:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Techlog 2011.2.1 

(r94585)\bin64" folder.

2- Run the program and select the location of the license 

file as shown in this Image.

Size: 337 MB




Password:Ibrahim Omar Geophysicist